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Essay on Medical Students Life At Zintameds

In recent years, most healthcare providers are using live-streaming technologies such as Skype, FaceTime, and Amazon's Echo Show to enhance the quality of patient care. These technologies support healthcare providers in providing personalized care to patients and in differentiating the 
      healthcare services providers through new technology-based products and services. It also helps hospitals in tracking patients' fitness, medication history, health condition, health status, etc.

Despite the numerous benefits of live-streaming technology, the use of such technology in medical institutions is restricted in various countries, including India. Although most of the renowned hospitals are providing live-streaming of annual medical checkup, the majority of the medical students still have not used such technology in medical schools. They are afraid of the future changes in the healthcare industry and shy away from using new technologies.

So, instead of forcing medical students to use new technology, the health ministry should streamline the rules for the medical students to allow them to use live-streaming of the annual medical check-up. If we allow medical students to use live-streaming technology, it will definitely help them to avoid embarrassment and become more aware about their health, their diet, fitness, etc. The technology will also help them to improve their communication skills. Live-streaming can be used to benefit patients by helping them connect with their doctors and hospitals.

Medical Student Benefits

   In one-on-one meetings, you can teach them about your career, pass on knowledge and inform them about future career options that will come up as they graduate. This will help them gain a better understanding of your career journey and how you chose to find yourself at the next stage.

Write Essay on Medical Students Medcinfo

Educating them about personal hygiene and exercise regimens for patients will keep them prepared for any patient who comes into the medical facility. Give them this valuable insight and knowledge to improve their work life balance and help them plan ahead for any sort of work-related stress.

You should take the opportunity to teach them about patient care at the next level. Make them understand that the role of a doctor is to treat and care for patients. Make it a point to teach them the concept of disease management. This will help them better understand the art of medicine, and help them understand the realities of patient care.

This medical student will join your care facility as a Physician Assistant after they graduate and he or she will be your right hand man. During the clinic hours, they will take care of patient consultations, develop relationships with patients and mentor you. This will help them gain an appreciation for patient care and the patient-doctor relationship.

While at the clinic, you will give your advice to this medical student, but they will be doing all the talking and this will help them have a better understanding of what it takes to run a business. This will help them tremendously in their career in the healthcare industry.

As they move out into the medical field, you can meet up again and share your insights with them and offer some advice. This will not only help them succeed, but it will also help you mentor and teach them.

You can continue to mentor them as they move forward. They will need to understand the pressures of not only the job, but also patients. Help them understand the art of patient care and medical health care.

This medical student will look for your guidance on where to go in terms of medical school. You can be an inspiration to them and assist them with all the life-changing decisions they will have to make.

As you mentor this medical student, they will appreciate the knowledge you have to offer and they will respect you. Your commitment will be instrumental in shaping their life.

You should be very proud of yourself for having had such a great medical student benefit and a great mentor. Thank them for their support and have a safe trip.

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