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 woodwards gripe water


    woodwards  gripe water is an ayurvedic product , it is very useful and very essential for infants {infants= born baby }  . woodswards water having a lots of benefits for our childs .

Why Woodwards gripe water?

Woodwards Gripe water, medcinfo
Why we should use This product

 it is helps to  improvement of childs digestion 

 conatining a auyurvedic  componesnts 

 sarjakhasar , it is acts for digestive system ,  when our childs having sm,all amount  of coughs there we can use of soya iol because it haeps to reduce it.

 these product is only for childs , means we can say padeitric 

 it is no having any amount of alcohol [non alcholic] 

 it is trusted by mother over 150 years 

 it is very easy to use it  but some rule, perfect way we should follow .



  ingrediants :- 

 -  soya oil

-  little amount of sugar .

-  sodium hydrogen .

-  sodium benzonate

-  dill seed oil 

uses, Benefits 

- we can give  , when  our cute child is cring there we can use of woodwards gripe water 

- it helps to increasing our babies hunger 

- when getting new teeth of baby 

- it is helps to get peaceful well sleep 

-    it is helps to antacids [ some ulcer in stomch] 

-    it prevents babies constiptions 

-    it prevents body pain as well as  stomach pain .

-    when  we use it our childs will be very peaceful. 

directions for use in perfect way :-

- please consults and use as directed by the our  family practitioners.

Use this Doses

Doses of Woodwards gripe water, medcinfo
Perfect doses for our cute children

Review :-

  Woodwards gripe water 200 ml of plastic bottles.

It has MRP 60 only  all taxes inc.

It is easy to available of nearly our medical stores
Please check out Expiry date,and lebel also.


  • Always keep away from small children.
  • We should store in at cool and dry place because it protects from heat and sunlight also
  • Please we should not increase the doses of woodwards water gripe water.
  • We should always check expiry date and manufacture date and product label before using this product.
  • Properly read and careful instruction and destruction on the level of the product before the use.
  • We should help our family doctor.
  • Don't use self-medication means do not use any  prescribe.
  • We should use always perfect dose of water.
  • Pediatrician consult pediatrician before using this product.

Frequently asked questions


--  can I use for adults?


 strictly NO.  Because it's having some content switch is for only infants it may not work for adults.

-- How many years can use?


one to five years
         We should contact our pediatrician.

-- In day doses how many times?


It it's depend on our child weight. It must two or three times in day.

-- having any types of side effects


  It is an ayurvedic product, we know very well, ayurvedic product hasn't no side effects , we can be used.

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